Instagram’s IGTV could soon challenge YouTube’s dominance

Doris Richards
June 22, 2018

"First, it's built for how you actually use your phone, so videos are full screen and vertical", said Instagram's CEO Kevin Systrom in a statement today.

Notably, the longer-form, vertical video service - which will work as a bolt-on feature to Instagram as well as having a standalone app of its own - is very important to parent company Facebook.

Instagram is taking on TV and YouTube with a new property called IGTV, where videos can run up to an hour long.

Instagram is targeting mobile users with IGTV, it's both a new app and a new platform - though you'll be able to see IGTV in the Instagram app itself. That's why, he said, Instagram chose to let people choose how they want to interact with IGTV, instead of forcing them to use a separate app. To spur future growth, the company announced a new feature: Instagram television.

For weeks, creators had early access to IGTV so that when it launched on Wednesday there already was a library of videos, Systrom says.

The Instagram app is loosening its restraints on video with a new channel that will attempt to lure younger viewers.

No plans are now in the works to produce original Instagram content for IGTV. The launch of IGTV not only paves the way for longer content, but it could also allow Instagram and its content partners make more money through advertising.

As you watch, you can like videos, leave a comment, and follow others. Just like turning on the TV, IGTV starts playing as soon as you open the app.

Will Instagram become the new YouTube? The difference between Instagram and IGTV, however, is that the latter pushes vertical videos only and can last up to an hour. You can download Instagram from the App Store for free.

Mr Systrom said: "The way we are watching video is changing".

For starters, while it's possible to upload videos to IGTV from your computer, it's apparently only possible to watch videos from within the app.

IGTV could not only evolve as a monetising platform but also as a platform which supports viewership.

Instagram notes on its new website promoting IGTV that mobile video content will make up for nearly 80% of all mobile data traffic within three years.

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