Joe Jackson is on his deathbed

Angelo Anderson
June 22, 2018

Joe Jackson, the father of the late superstar Michael Jackson, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, according to a report. has now learned that following an emergency Jackson family meeting and desperate pleas to Joe's manager, Charles Coupet, family members were finally granted access to the octogenarian on Tuesday night.

After reportedly having some trouble getting in contact with the 89-year-old, the Jackson patriarch's family - including his wife Katherine and some of his children and grandchildren - have recently been at his bedside.

It's unclear which hospital he is in.

Joe was responsible for guiding his children, who formed the Jackson 5, to superstardom.

Still, a Jackson family member expressing some doubt said they want to know how the instructions from the recording was collected. Michael Jackson later went solo and became one of the best known celebrities in the world before his death at age 50 in 2009 from an overdose of the powerful anesthetic propofol. That same year, he suffered a stroke that reportedly left him with temporarily blurred vision.

Michael is said to have taken revenge by cutting his father out of his will and stipulating that his mother, Katherine, and not his father should get custody of his three children.

Though the family is distraught by the lack of information surrounding him, it appears Joe had given verbal instructions preventing visitors and family members from seeing him or his medical records.

"He's a proud man who is all about image - was he saying he doesn't want anyone to see him like that, or was he saying he doesn't want family near him?" they said.

He said the family was "hurting" from the snub. "They are acting in his interests and no one else's".

"Everyone in the family, from Paris to Janet, is planning to see him", the source adds.

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