Steam's Summer Sale is now live with oodles of PC game discounts

Doris Richards
June 22, 2018

Some indie games can sell for less than $1 during Steam Summer Sales, which means you could walk away from an afternoon of shopping with a dozen new games without spending more than $20. Steam's Summer Sale is now live and, as usual, there is an obscene number of deals to be had. The sale ends on July 5th, 2018 and its official name is the Intergalactic Summer Sale. There are also Summer Sale trading cards to unlock by exploring your discovery queue and spending money, so if you're a badge collector, you'll want to make sure you're completing your discovery queue each day to earn those cards. Valve has launched a mini-game Steam users can play to be entered to win certain games, so be sure to check that out if you want a chance at some freebies.

What games do you hope see a big discount this year? New games are not discounted by much usually while older - read month old - games are often discounted quite a bit. It is usually the case that the Store becomes unresponsive in the first few hours after the sale starts; it is best, usually, to just sit it out and start browsing what is on offer after the first storm calms down. The full list of games that can be won is posted over here.

It's not surprising given the regularity of the Steam sales, or at least the summer ones. One is for the Steam Link and Steam Controller, which together go for $34.19 (down from $99.98).

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