Children exposed to 30% more air pollution than adults, says charity

Mindy Sparks
June 23, 2018

"We are extremely disappointed that the Government has not taken stronger action on auto manufacturers". If everyone makes a small change it will add up to a very big difference for local air quality.

People across the region are being encouraged to make a long-term pledge to change their travel habits for the second Greater Manchester Clean Air Day.

The authority knows (through York's Third Air Quality Action Plan) that local bus services make up three per cent of the traffic but cause 27 per cent of the main pollutants in York.

In other words, a solution would be leaving the auto at home for a day, at the very least.

So how can you get your children involved in the day?

Oxford City Council has introduced a raft of measures to reduce air pollution in Oxford and has secured £3.25m of Government funding to install charging points for taxis and residents, and upgrade buses to reduce emissions.

"The level of support available to local authorities is now inadequate". Once they had their results, the pupils sent their data to local MPs and councillors to demand action against air pollution. I would urge local people to leave their vehicle at home on Clean Air Day and chat to our officers about the simple steps they can take to reduce their exposure to pollution.

He said: "Our report called on Government to promote cross-departmental working, force auto manufacturers to contribute to a Clean Air Fund, and commit real financial support to local authorities breaching NO2 limits".

He also joined the council's air quality team to talk to drivers, asking them to turn off their engines when stationary.

The inquiry, involving the Environment Food and Rural Affairs, Environmental Audit, Health and Social Care, and Transport Committees, has published the Government response to their joint report on improving air quality today.

Together they called on government to do more to tackle the growing menace of polluted air in towns and cities, including: a ban on the sale of new pure diesel and petrol cars and vans by 2030; a targeted national vehicle renewal scheme; more support to deliver Clean Air Zones; and a national Clean Air Act to tackle the scourge of air pollution.

Clean Air Day campaigning in Scotland is being overseen by the Environmental Protection Scotland charity, with major events having been announced in Glasgow (see story) and Edinburgh (see story).

In aid of the day, children at Rosary Catholic Primary School in Birmingham have become activists for clean air after they discovered the pollution at their school was at illegal levels.

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