Trump Autographs Photos of Deceased at White House Event

Lester Mason
June 23, 2018

"No one has more to lose in November than the president does when it comes to the majority in the House, because if this majority flips over to being a Democrat, there will be a big push for impeachment", said Rep. Bradley Byrne, R-Ala., who opposes the immigration bill. It provides $25 billion for Trump's wall, restrictions on legal immigration and language requiring the Homeland Security Department to keep migrant families together while they're being processed for illegal entry to the U.S.

What is unclear, though, is whether the president realizes the moderate Republicans he is alienating by shunning their immigration overhaul are among those most endangered in the midterm elections. Hours later Republican leaders postponed final voting on what was billed as a compromise immigration package until next week as negotiators made a last-ditch push for support.

Over and over, Trump has proven himself a saboteur, willing to walk away from promises and blow up a deal, undermining the GOP agenda in Congress.

He later took to Twitter to urge his party to eliminate the rule, saying it was "killing" Republican efforts. Sixty votes are needed to end filibusters. A federal prosecutor said "there was no prosecution sought" in light of Trump's executive order ending the practice of separating families.

But GOP leaders were eager to hold the votes anyway. He continued to hammer at the "indifference" shown to the angel families, dismiss illegal immigrant crime statistics, and complain that America's immigration laws are "the weakest in the history of the world". "We weren't lucky enough to be separated for five days, 10 days".

Beyond that, however, there was nothing but frustration and worry for numerous parents separated from their children and placed in detention centers for illegally entering the country over the past several weeks.

Trump struck similar notes Thursday, when he tweeted, "What is the goal of the House doing good immigration bills when you need 9 votes by Democrats in the Senate, and the Dems are only looking to Obstruct (which they feel is good for them in the Mid-Terms)".

With Congress unable to come to a quick fix, the president has stepped in to resolve the family separations. The administration is not ending its "zero tolerance" approach to border prosecutions.

So, to get a DREAM Act to the floor, moderate Republicans started a discharge petition - a rarely used parliamentary maneuver that allows 218 House members to force a vote over a Speaker's opposition.

ICE detention for migrants involve moving from foster-care type detention facilities with other children into more secure adult detention centers that resemble jails.

A pile of kids shoes left by mayors from US cities lay at the front gate outside of the children's tent encampment built to deal with the Trump administrations "zero tolerance" policy in Tornillo, Texas. A federal court challenge has kept the DACA program running for now.

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