Get your wallet ready, the Steam Summer Sale starts today

Doris Richards
June 24, 2018

Also started recently on Steam are Developer and Publisher Homepages, something I am personally happy to see.

It would seem that the sale leaks have history on their side as PC Gamer says that the sale leaks are not predictable, but more importantly nearly never wrong.

It looks like there could be a Steam Summer Sale starting on Thursday evening, if Steam Database is to be believed.

If the date, Thursday, June 21 is correct, which seems likely seeing as past year the sale started on Thursday, June 22, then we have just six weeks until Steam game prices tumble.

One of the more remarkable developments with this new sales event is the fact that "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" is on the table for the first time. The sale ends on July 5th, 2018 and its official name is the Intergalactic Summer Sale.

The Steam Summer Sale will last until July 5, giving you two full weeks to stock up on any games you need, want, or have a slight interest in buying. You could even be waiting to get a certain game for a very good price.

Nioh: Complete Edition, Team Ninja's clap back at Dark Souls and Bloodborne with faster fighting, sold at a 40 percent reduction for $29.99 including all DLC.

In addition to the deals themselves, there's a new browser game you can play called Saliens. Be sure to download the Steam mobile app for iOS and Android.

Hardware-wise, you can snag a Steam link for just €2.75 from Valve which is quite the bargain considering the device's regular price of €54.99.

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