The Nokia 3.1 officially arrives in the USA for $159

Doris Richards
June 27, 2018

When HMD took over the Nokia smartphone brand, it started by focusing on Europe and Asia. Indeed, you could get four Nokia 3.1 for the cost of a single unlocked Galaxy S9, and still have cash left over. This puts the new Nokia 3.1 among the most secure phones out there, always up to date with the latest Google services like the Google Assistant and Google Photos with free unlimited high-quality photo storage.

Surprisingly, the Nokia 3.1 has a MediaTek 6750 SoC instead of the usual Qualcomm chip. However, it should be faster than most 400-series Snapdragon chips in similarly priced devices. The Nokia X6 comes in 4GB and 6GB RAM variants and includes 32GB and 64GB of internal storage respectively.

On the front of the phone you have a 5.5-inch, 1440×720 (293PPI) LCD.

Do you think you will pick up the Nokia 3.1 after it launches on July 2?

Nokia 3.1 is entering the Android One family where it joins the comprehensive range of Nokia smartphones already delivering an experience designed by Google that is smart, secure and simply awesome. The frame is aluminum, but the back panel is plastic. The display is also using older Gorilla Glass 3. It has an 18:9 screen ratio, which is something usually reserved for more expensive phones.

The "announcement" of Face Unlock for these phones came in the form of a tweet reply from the Nokia Mobile social media team who replied to a tweet asking if the Face Unlock feature would come to the Nokia 8. That means you get a stock build of Android without any bloatware apps. Nokia 3.1 will receive three years of monthly security patches and two years of OS updates, as guaranteed in the Android One program. So, the Nokia 3.1 comes with Oreo and will get an update to Android P and maybe even Android Q.

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