Telltale Reportedly Dropping its Old Engine For Stranger Things Game

Doris Richards
June 28, 2018

It's obviously been a long time coming, as bugs were happening a lot more in recent games and the overall experience had started to decline. Layoffs followed the management change and a few weeks ago Bruner even sued his old company. It is suggested that the delays to The Wolf Among Us Season 2 and other projects are due to the shift to a new development platform. "They often seemed to miss why people liked the games". Variety also cites the tools used by the game developers as having become a hindrance in creating state-of-the-art games. Although it doesn't stop there with a restructure of Telltale's upper management resulting in pending law-suits and a seemingly new direction or re-invigorated direction for the company.

The upcoming Stranger Things project in partnership with Netflix will be the first title from Telltale series to be developed using the Unity Engine. For customers enjoying Telltale's games, the shift to the Unity engine is a good one as well.

Multiple sources have told Variety that Telltale Tool is on the way out. These changes will be made after the release of the last season of their Walking Dead franchise, which is set for release on August 14th. Gathering testimonies from anonymous colleagues, The Verge exposed the poor working conditions, perpetual crunch time and damning choices that led to the stagnation of growth and hindrance of sales, to which the ever-aging engine played a big part.

The Final Season will be the last game to use Telltale's creaky old engine, according to reports from entertainment site, Variety (as spied by Eurogamer).

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