Brother of Nicaraguan leader calls for early elections

Lester Mason
July 8, 2018

Truckloads of police and pro-government gunmen rolled into a town in northern Nicaragua on Tuesday, clearing an opposition roadblock in clashes that left one person reported dead.

"Since protests began on April 18, the Nicaraguan government's violent response has included beatings of journalists, attacks against local TV and radio stations, and assaults on mothers mourning the deaths of their children".

The three were sanctioned under the 2012 Global Magnitsky act that allows for targeting individuals accused of human rights abuses or corruption.

The designation blocks any US assets the three individuals may have and bars them from transactions with Americans. "I call on the government to cease State violence and to dismantle the pro-government armed elements that have been increasingly responsible for repression and attacks".

Jose Francisco Lopez Centeno, the president of a Nicaraguan state-owned oil company, was accused of stealing millions of dollars and using his position to win government contracts for companies owned by his family.

On Thursday, the Treasury Department sanctioned Francisco Javier Diaz Madriz, Nicaragua's national police commissioner; Fidel Antonio Moreno, a senior official in the Managua mayor's office; and Jose Francisco Lopez Centeno, president of the state oil company, who oversees work with the Venezuelan energy company, which has long given low-priced gasoline to Nicaragua.

Under the sanctions, assets belonging to the officials in the United States are blocked and USA citizens are prohibited from engaging in transactions with them or entities they own or control, the Treasury said in a statement.

Retired general Humberto Ortega was army chief from 1980-94, when he was retired by then president Violeta de Chamorro, who was in power until 1997. "By constitutionally moving up presidential elections to the coming year, he says yes to peace". That quickly morphed into a nationwide movement, and people began calling for President Daniel Ortega to step down.

"If you are a true patriot resign and this country will thank you for it", said Mr. Bolanos, who held office in 2002-2006.

The U.S. government announced new sanctions Thursday against three Nicaraguan individuals in connection with ongoing violence and corruption.

Senior U.S. officials on Thursday were pointed in their criticism of the violence Managua appears to support, as the image of a once peaceful Central American country spirals out of control, pulled down partly by its collapsing main ally, Venezuela.

"These actions must end", the department said in a statement.

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