Montreal morgue partners with funeral home after surge in heat related deaths

Mindy Sparks
July 9, 2018

A total of 33 people have died in Montreal since the beginning of the heat wave, according to public health officials.

"With over 15 bodies arriving nearly every day, it's not too long that the 128 places at the morgue are filled", said Montreal coroner Dr. Jean Brochu in a phone interview Saturday.

The death toll in a week-long eastern Canadian heat wave has reached 54, officials said on Friday. Nearly all were over the age of 60.

In America three deaths in the northeast have been blamed on the heat and two more in Kansas City might also be heat-related, CBS News reported.

Unclaimed bodies occupy a significant amount of the 128 places available at the morgue, Brochu said.

The number climbed from yesterday's 28 reported deaths because more bodies were discovered and physicians determined that the deaths occurred at some point during the heat wave, said David Kaiser of Santé Montréal.

Although the temperature was down over the weekend, Kaiser says the message to people in Montreal stays the same. He encouraged them to check on their neighbours, especially those who are vulnerable and often isolated.

Montreal previously raised the city's response level to "intervention" from "alert" after a spike in heat-related calls to the government's health information line and for ambulances.

On Thursday, Environment Canada had forecast a maximum temperature of 35 C (95 F) but said the heat index would make it feel like 45 C.

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