Philippine president says he'll resign if anybody can prove God exists

Lester Mason
July 9, 2018

That comment prompted one bishop to refer to Duterte as a "psychopath", according to the AP. In the Book of Genesis, Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden after consuming the forbidden fruit. "You can not use God to criticise me". "I just happen to be a human being believing that there's a universal mind somewhere which controls the universe", Duterte said, as quoted by Philstar.

But he also said: "If there is anyone of you there, the noisy ones, who would say that you have been to heaven, talked to God, saw him personally, and that He exists, the God that is yours, if that is true I will step down the presidency tonight".

Despite the outcry from his initial remarks, Duterte did not back down. Duterte was raised Catholic. "This [expletive] is then really stupid", he said last week.

Amid speculation in Philippine media that the new text would lift the single-term limit, Duterte said he was not seeking such an outcome.

"We'll never really know until maybe God chooses the time for us to know the answer", he said.

President Duterte stated that he would resign should anyone prove that God exists.

He is set to meet with Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines president Davao Archbishop Romulo Valles to iron out kinks in his relationship with the Church. Duterte is seeking to form a committee on this issue.

Valles and Duterte have been friendly in the past, according to Filipino media.

Legazpi Bishop Joel Baylon warned that the proposed dialogue between the government and various churches will merely be "propaganda" if President Rodrigo Duterte does not stop the killings and other abuses in the Philippines.

But Mercado said that given his fixation, "there's no way to have a dialogue or move forward".

The Philippines is about 80 per cent Catholic, and an additional 10 per cent of the population is Protestant.

A local church group blasted President Rodrigo Duterte over his tirades against the Catholic faith. However, the Department of Justice later allowed her to stay in the country pending an appeal.

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