Seagulls Are Getting Drunk And Making Fools Of Themselves

Leslie Hanson
July 9, 2018

Dozens of seagulls have been turning up drunk after reportedly downing alcoholic drinks left behind on United Kingdom beaches. In fact, the RSPCA says it's been inundated with calls reporting birds that are pissed out their skulls.

How the seagulls got drunk is unknown, but one theory suggests they could have got stuck into some alcohol that was left on a beach.

RSPCA officers Jo Daniel, Clara Scully and Paul Adams said they have responded to more than a dozen calls in recent weeks about gulls exhibiting the same intoxication symptoms. Animal welfare experts, think that the birds' inebriated state may be the result of feeding on brewery waste.

Speaking to various media sources, vet David Couper described the situation as "very unusual". 'We had a couple of cases a year ago but this summer there has been a spate of them. "But this year there has been a spate of cases from east Devon, Dorset and Somerset".

"They looked awful. Some have been so poorly they've died", he added.

According to Sky News, some of the birds have died while others are seriously ill. "It seems that they all swallowed some seed- possibly from the brewery - it seems that it made them drunk".

"But it's odd because enquiries revealed these by-products should only have trace amounts of alcohol left after it's extracted".

"Disoriented and confused" birds have been found in Devon and Dorset after apparently devouring brewery waste.

DevonLive reports that one seagull "reeking of beer" vomited over firefighters sent to rescue it after it had fallen off a roof in Lyme Regis.

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