Australia monster croc caught after eight-year hunt

Lester Mason
July 10, 2018

Wildlife officials were searching for the 60-year-old, 15-foot-long reptile since it was first spotted in the northern outback in 2010 because the giant maneater posed a risk to humans and had locals fearing for their lives.

After nearly a decade on the loose, authorities have finally captured a "monster" Northern Territory crocodile.

A MONSTER 4.7-metre saltwater crocodile - the biggest ever found in the Katherine River systems - was finally captured yesterday after a decade-long hunt. Saltwater crocodiles have seen a population boom since becoming a protected species by federal law in 1971, Northern Territory-based crocodile expert Grahame Webb said.

That sort of croc, in my opinion, is the most risky to people.

"Large crocodiles can move around Top End waterways undetected and you should always be croc wise". Satellite tracking had shown one croc tagged in a Northern Territory waterhole had swum 900 kilometres (560 miles), for unknown reasons, before returning to the same place.

"That sort of croc, in my opinion, is the most risky to people", Webb said. This has sent them farther upstream into freshwater areas.

Webb said the capture so close to tourists demonstrated that the government protection program worked.

Rangers also caught at a smaller 2.3m crocodile from a trap in the Katherine River near the same area yesterday.

Generally, crocodiles live an average of 70-years, though a rare few exceed 100.

The crocodile population has exploded since they were declared a protected species in the 1970s, with the killing of an elderly woman a year ago reigniting calls to curb their numbers. However when saltwater crocodiles are found near the gorge, they are captured.

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