Monstrous iceberg seen breaking off Greenland glacier

Mindy Sparks
July 10, 2018

Earth's biggest glaciers are in frozen Antarctica, and their breakup would be catastrophic for sea level rise; the loss of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet would release enough water to raise global sea levels by almost 10 feet (3 meters).

So far, the Thwaites Glacier, a part of the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet that has already drained a mass of water that is roughly the size of Great Britain or the state of Florida, has accounted for approximately 4 percent of global sea-level rise -an amount that has doubled since the mid-1990s.

A team of scientists from New York University caught a stunning sight on video when they witnessed an iceberg breaking away from a glacier.

"Global sea-level rise is both undeniable and consequential", said NYU Abu Dhabi professor David Holland.

It only took 30 minutes for an iceberg almost half the size of Manhattan to separate from a glacier in Greenland.

The calving event was filmed on June 22 at 11.30pm local time.

In real time, it took 30 minutes for an iceberg four miles long to break off and float away into the sea.

While it's hard to get a sense of scale from the camera's wide-angle view of the separating iceberg, the berg is so big that it could partially cover the island of Manhattan, extending from the lower tip of New York City into Midtown, according to the statement. Meanwhile, smaller pinnacle icebergs, which are tall and thin, can be seen calving off and flipping over.

There's an otherworldly quality to the footage, like you're watching a special-effects scene from beyond The Wall in Game of Thrones.

"Knowing how and in what ways icebergs calve is important for simulations because they ultimately determine global sea-level rise", said Denise Holland. The space agency also caught sight of a large iceberg earlier this year that had not yet capsized. "The better we understand what's going on means we can create more accurate simulations to help predict and plan for climate change".

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