Roadside technology will detect phones being used behind wheel

Doris Richards
July 10, 2018

These signs can detect when signals are being transmitted by a mobile telephone inside a vehicle, and then flashes a symbol of a mobile phone with a line through it to remind drivers not to use their handsets while behind the wheel.

For the first time sensors will be installed on British roads that can detect when a mobile phone is being used in a auto and present drivers with a warning sign.

The roadside system, which is being piloted in Norfolk, picks up the signal in the vehicle and activates a warning sign of a phone with a red line through it, the BBC reports.

Despite being unable to pick up whether the driver is using the phone, it is hoped it will act as a deterrent to people making calls behind the wheel.

The sign, which for the next four weeks will be at Holt Road, Norwich, is able to identify what type of signal is being transmitted or received by the handset and whether it is being used via the vehicle's Bluetooth system.

However, they do not monitor data connections, meaning those using internet services on their phones will not be detected.

Inspector Jonathan Chapman, of the Norfolk roads policing unit, added: "This scheme is a good example of how we can work with local authorities to make using a mobile phone whilst driving as socially unacceptable as drink or drug-driving".

Statistics from the devices will be shared with Norfolk Police, the county council said.

The council said that enabling the system to record specific number plates could be a "future development" with it.

The new mobile phone detection system, which is launched today, is the first of its kind to be used on roads in the country and can identify mobile phone use from within a vehicle.

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