Third Thai cave rescue mission underway: authorities

Leslie Hanson
July 10, 2018

The search and rescue operation has riveted people in Thailand and internationally, with journalists from across the globe traveling to this town along the border with Myanmar to report on the ordeal.

Eight boys have now been rescued from the flooded cave labyrinth in northern Thailand. They were accompanied by two professional divers each throughout.

"One of the things we have learned from previous research is that how young people are before they undergo an extreme experience like this is often a reasonably good predictor of how they will do later on after the event".

"The operation is being supervised by the Thai authorities".

"They have had to make a quick decision because they are really concerned about the water level rising".

Authorities have paused the global effort to replenish air tanks along the treacherous exit route.

For the final operation tomorrow, Mr Narongsak said the rescuers would use the same plan with some adjustments because the number of survivors to be extracted would be five instead of four as was the case for the last two days.

So far eight boys have been rescued from the cave in Chiang Rai province, in the country's mountainous north, but they are being kept in isolation for examination and possible treatment.

The first four boys to be rescued are aged 14 to 16, and two of them possibly have a lung infection - all are expected to stay in hospital for at least seven days.

The names of the rescued boys were not released.

At the Mae Sai Prasitsart School, where six of the 12 boys studied, the principal and teachers said they promised to give the boys a lighter homework load once they are back in class.

The four remaining boys and their coach, Ekaphol Chantawong, are spending night 17 inside the cave but it is still unclear if they will be freed by the end of Tuesday.

Follow LIVE coverage from the Tham Luang cave as day three of the rescue gets underway.

The death Friday of a former Thai navy SEAL underscored the risks.

Their first words after rescue were "I miss home".

They pumped out water from the cave, reducing water levels by 30 centimetres. He said those conditions will not last if the rain resumes.

The "Wild Boars" team became trapped on June 23 when they set out to explore the cave after soccer practice and rains flooded the tunnels.

Monsoon flooding cut off their escape route and prevented rescuers from finding them for nearly 10 days. "We can't overrule the diving team because it involves safety".

Musk said the submarine, which is made from the liquid oxygen tube of SpaceX's Falcon rocket, is small enough to fit through the cave system's narrow passageways. "Just returned from Cave 3", Musk said. He posted a video of a diver testing the device in a pool. "Very courageous and talented people!"

Somboon Sompiangjai is the father of one of the 12 boys.

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