Uncharted's Nathan Drake Has a Luck Meter, Not a Health Bar

Doris Richards
July 10, 2018

Naughty Dog animator Jonathan Cooper brought up this piece of gaming trivia on Twitter yesterday.

This means either Drake is just a really lucky guy or his enemies have bad aim. Looking at an animated GIF showing Drake swinging through a hail of bullet, Cooper reiterated an obscure piece of Uncharted's design.

The explanation does require the suspension of disbelief-Drake must be the luckiest person alive, or all of the bad guys in Uncharted are awful shots-but it offers a better explanation than other action games, where characters take physical damage from bullets before slowly self-healing while not being hit.

You see, that red screen that appears when you're "taking damage" is actually just a visual representation of Drake's luck running out. Once he's taken a certain amount of near-misses in a short time, enemies finally get a clear shot at the treasure hunter and kill him.

Uncharted 1-3 director Amy Hennig chimed in to say the idea was inspired by Naughty Dog's intention to have the Uncharted games align with the "spirit and tone" of the movies the franchise was homaging like Indiana Jones.

Cooper declined further comment when contacted by Kotaku but did refer to a 2007 IGN article. In other words, this has been out there for a decade now, although it's not exactly common knowledge, given how much traction Cooper's tweet has gotten on Reddit and other big video game forums.

It's an interesting concept for sure, although it still makes me laugh that Drake is literally able to run straight at a half-a-dozen baddies and somehow have enough "luck" to survive for about 10 seconds straight.

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