Man exposed to flesh-eating bacteria while crabbing

Leslie Hanson
July 11, 2018

Angel Perez' symptoms began after crabbing near Matts Landing in Southern New Jersey, reports. The Millville resident's troubles began with severe pain and swelling in his right leg, and quickly grew to include swelling and blisters all over his body, as well as red, raw skin. He is now in the ICU at Cooper, the infection spread to all four limbs. It's in a group commonly known as flesh-eating bacteria.

Doctors believe that the Vibrio bacteria, which is often found in warmer waters where the river meets the sea, is behind his infection.

'He is in critical condition, ' Perez-Dilan told the website.

"Typically when you get an infection like this, it enters through an existing wound and can spread throughout the blood stream and then cause other complications such as necrotizing fasciitis, which he unfortunately got", says Megan Sheppard, with the Cumberland County Department of Health. "We think water is safe", said Dilena Perez-Dilan, Angel's daughter. His forearms are black in color, they have blisters, cuts and sores'. They do say that Mr. Perez is in good spirits.

Doctors are waiting to see if Perez responds to antibiotics, his daughter says.

State and county officials have acknowledged that Vibrio bacteria "is not uncommon for the waters" but can not do much aside from advising people to stay out of brackish water, according to NJ Advance Media.

She said her father's swelling was so severe, his limbs didn't look real. She now has a rash on her leg, and her leg [had] painful swelling, ' Perez-Dilan said. He's just happy to have a second chance, ' she said.

Four out of five of infections happen between May and October, the CDC says, and the bacteria is more likely to infect those with a "compromised immune system".

Perez-Dilan warned people that a quick dip in the waters could come with frightening consequences.

Those with open wounds are encouraged by the New Jersey Health Department to avoid brackish water, according to WPVI. "Be careful. The water, as much as we need water, it can be poisonous".

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