Mobvoi's dual-display TicWatch Pro is now available to order

Doris Richards
July 11, 2018

More than the features, we're interested in the battery life of the smartwatch.

The Ticwatch Pro's biggest feature is the display. If you've ever bemoaned the fact that you have to twist your wrist or even raise your arm just to see what time it is on your smartwatch, having a secondary screen like this could be the answer.

When is it out? It costs $250 and is available to buy on Amazon starting Tuesday (update: it's now sold out).

We've been hearing about the Ticwatch line since previous year. If you live in the United Kingdom or U.S., you'll need to head to Amazon to be able to buy the watch and if you want it soon you'll have to be an Amazon Prime member. You can use several health and fitness apps available and even change the watch face.

Moving on from the display, though, the Ticwatch Pro doesn't skimp when it comes to the hardware. Like other Wear OS smartwatches there's a circular OLED touchscreen for interacting with the Google Assistant, reading notifications, and controlling apps. And that's because there's two of them.

With a dual display setup that includes an OLED underneath a FSTN display (film-compensated super twisted nematic), Mobvoi claims the TicWatch Pro can last anywhere from 5 to 30 days on a single charge. You'll need to be on WiFi, or have a tethered connection to your smartphone, to get the most from it. The LCD screen will still be able to show you your step count and heart rate, too. The FSTN display is also great for outdoor use.

The OLED screen is 1.4 inches with a resolution of 400 x 400, making it fairly large and sharp.

The case is made from glass fiber infused nylon, similar to what we've seen from other sports-focussed smartwatches, but has a stainless steel bezel and rear cover for added durability. As a follow-up to the popular TicWatch S & E line, the TicWatch Pro has one special trick up its sleeve - really long battery life.

There are also five straps with genuine Italian leather on the outside and silicone on the inside, so you can take them running without ruining the design. It's available in black and silver. The TicWatch Pro does have a rating of IP68, meaning it should survive a dip in the pool of up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. And the health and fitness features offered include heart rate and sleep monitoring, a calories burned counter, Global Positioning System and more. But with IP68 water resistance, a leather-coated silicone strap, as well as a heart-rate sensor and Global Positioning System, it's well equipped to cope with your workout routines despite its more businessy looks.

Apparently, the United States might also get a model with LTE included, which could allow you to use the watch in full while leaving your phone at home, but this isn't confirmed and it's not clear whether anywhere else will get a version with LTE. An LTE version of the watch is expected down the road.

The entire experience is also powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor. As you'd expect, this displays your typical Wear OS software with Mobvoi's collection of watchfaces on board as well. However, if you want to bump up that number to 30 days of battery life, you can run the TicWatch Pro in what's called "Essential Mode".

That's good, but no better than the likes of the Samsung Gear S3. It replaces the "always-on" mode that's on Wear OS watches by default, or can be booted up in a separate "Essential Mode" that makes the watch a basic, low-powered fitness tracker. This is called Smart Mode - you can use all the device's smartwatch functions, get it?

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