Ryanair to cancel up to 30 flights on Thursday

Lloyd Doyle
July 11, 2018

One begged: "Where can we find exact details on the next week flight plans in and out of Ireland during the strike?"

The airline says it has cancelled 30 of its 290 scheduled high frequency flights between Ireland and the United Kingdom, rather than hitting European routes used for family holidays to summer resorts.

Ryanair released a statement on Tuesday afternoon to confirm this, writing that this situation would ideally have been avoided.

Fórsa, the workers union representing Ryanair cabin and ground crews, announced last week that they would hold a 48 hour strike between 25th and 26th July which could affect flights to and from locations including but not limited to Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belgium.

Ryanair defended their stance as an employer, claiming that Ryanair pilots enjoy quite impressive benefits regarding pay, holidays and job security.

The airline has said it "cannot rule out further disruptions in July and August".

"In a final effort to avert this strike, we have agreed to meet our pilots and Fórsa at a neutral venue kindly provided by Dublin Airport, but we believe this small group of pilots and Fórsa are determined to disrupt the travel of Irish customers on July 12".

"It is unacceptable that competitor airline pilots are actively organising strikes by Ryanair's pilots when these airlines will be the direct beneficiaries of any such disruption".

Disgruntled staff are demanding changes to arrangements for transferring flight crew between European and north African bases as well as seniority and holiday arrangements. However, no planned strike in Ryanair's 33 year history has ever gone ahead, so there is hope for Tomorrowland visitors planning on travelling those days that all will be okay.

It is expected that all Ireland-to-Europe flights will operate as normal.

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