Sarah Palin claims Sacha Baron Cohen duped her for talk

Angelo Anderson
July 11, 2018

Showtime is adding to its slate of politically charged shows, including a new newsmagazine and a project from comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

In a post that was published on Facebook, the former Republican Party nominee for Vice President of the United States in the 2008 U.S. presidential election has slammed Baron Cohen and Showtime after he conducted a "humiliating interview" with her.

Palin and her daughter traveled to be interviewed by a disabled US veteran in a wheelchair which she presumed was Cohen.

With only a few more days until it debuts, we are now learning that another one of those interview subjects is Sarah Palin and one of her daughters.

"In her Facebook post, Palin wrote that she had been approached to participate in a "'legit opportunity' to honor American Vets".

Palin says she sat through what she called a long interview full of "Hollywoodism's disrespect and sarcasm" before she walked out.

Emails seeking comments from Cohen and Showtime have not been returned.

Sacha's show Who Is America? will premiere on Sunday (July 15) at 10pm ET on Showtime.

Palin also shouts down Cohen's "evil, exploitive, sick" humor and insists that Showtime should donate any profits made from the show to veterans groups. Well, she hasn't gone away. Experience tells us it will be heavily edited, not pretty, and meant to humiliate, ' said Palin.

She invites him to release the unedited footage and says, "HOW DARE YOU mock those who have fought and served our country". Ya' got me, Sacha.

She ended the post with one last call out, writing, "Feel good and manly about your M.O., Sacha?".

Last week, the comedian teased his comeback with a preview clip showing former United States vice president Dick Cheney apparently agreeing to autograph a "waterboard kit" - in reality a plastic water jug.

The names Drudge dropped as having been "finked" by Cohen included "Cheney, Palin, Howard Dean, Alberto Gonzales, Bernie, Trent Lott, Petraeus, Tod Koppel, and more". "Every honorable American Vet should feel the same", Palin said. Cohen's voice off camera then asks Cheney, who is on camera, "Dick Cheney is it possible to sign my waterboard kit?"

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