U.S. warns of sanctions risk for firms invested in Russian pipeline

Lester Mason
July 12, 2018

Following the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels, Trump will then make his long-awaited visit to the United Kingdom, where he will meet with Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Theresa May.

Following the summit in Brussels, Trump is set to spend three days in the United Kingdom before travelling to Helsinki for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He has taken issue with how only five other nations make the current contribution of two per cent of their GDP.

They are Estonia, Greece, Poland, Romania and the United Kingdom.

That would represent a massive upheaval of budgetary priorities in Europe where Germany and many others have pledged only to reach 2 percent by 2024 or later, the report noted.

The meeting comes ahead of Mr Trump's four-day working visit to the United Kingdom, during which he will hold talks with Mrs May at Chequers, meet the Queen in Windsor Castle and spend two days in Scotland preparing for Monday's face-to-face summit with Mr Putin in Finland.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel quickly pushed back.

Before the summit, European Union President Donald Tusk hit back at Trump for his "daily" criticisms of Europe, pointing out that the EU spends more on defense than Russian Federation and nearly as much as China, and telling him to "appreciate your allies".

Trump has spent weeks berating members of the alliance for failing to spend enough of their money on defense, accusing Europe of freeloading off the US and raising doubts about whether he would come to members' defense if they were ever attacked.

Earlier in the day, after Trump blasted Germany for buying Russian oil and natural gas, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg sought to convey an attitude of slow, steady progress for the alliance.

In 2017, the alliance saw its biggest increase in defense spending "in a generation", he said, signaling to his aggrieved ally in the White House that "we see that all Allies have started to increase defense spending based on the national plans we have agreed to develop previous year". At breakfast he had spoken of Germany as a "captive" of Russian Federation because of the two countries' energy relationship, which he labelled "inappropriate". So you tell me, is that appropriate?

"Trump on Wednesday also called out Germany for "paying a little bit over 1 percent" on defense", saying that's "inappropriate also".

"We call upon [North Korea] to fully implement its worldwide obligations; to eliminate its nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare capabilities and ballistic missiles, and abandon all related programmes", the statement said.

"We're protecting everybody, and yet we're paying a lot of money to protect", Trump said.

The defense minister agreed with Trump about defense spending.

By slapping higher tariffs on European Union metals experts and threatening more on cars, Trump has shown his anger at the USA trade deficit with the European Union.

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