Happily Married Texas Couple Planning Divorce to Fund Daughter’s Health Care Costs

Leslie Hanson
July 13, 2018

A Texas couple, whose daughter has a rare chromosomal disorder, is mulling a divorce in order to be able to afford their child's medical expenses.

Jake and Maria Grey told NBC's "Today" that Brighton, the older of their two daughters, has Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, a developmental disability that requires 24/7 care.

The pair told WFAA that Brighton suffers hearing and vision impairment and well as seizures as a result of the disorder that has severely delayed her growth and development. Jake earns United States dollars 40,000 a year which is more than the amount required to be eligible for Medicaid.

The couple said paying for Brighton's treatment with a single salary of $54,000 is hard and are now considering divorcing so Ms Grey would become a single mother-of-two.

The syndrome's effects on their daughter have also left them financially fragile.

Because of that the Greys are considering a divorce, so that Maria Grey becomes, at least under the law, a single, unemployed mother of two little children - and, thus, eligible for Medicaid.

The couple said they are on a public waiting list, but it could take decades as they are now number 59,979. "We've just struggled and struggled with it, and now we've gotten to the point, where we feel it's a real possibility", Jake said. While state assistance is available for the Greys, the family says Brighton is number 59,979 on a waiting list that could possibly keep her waiting for more than a decade before getting help.

"We just have struggled and struggled with it". "It's morally wrong, I feel like", Jake said.

Describing the situation his family finds itself in as "morally wrong", he added, "For someone to kind of make you choose between your marriage and your child is just-it's just a really weird spot to be in".

Maria said she and her husband promised each other that they would do everything possible to make their daughter's life the best it can be for "however long she is going to be" with them.

They just never imagined that could mean a divorce.

"We should've been married outside that day, but it rained", said Jake Grey as he looked at his wedding photos with his wife Maria.

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