Manny Machado Voted Starting Shortstop For American League All-Stars

Annette Crawford
July 13, 2018

Because Beltran was traded June 24, more than a week before the All-Star Game teams were named, it allowed him to be placed on the NL team and first baseman Ken Harvey to replace him to represent Kansas City.

Nonetheless Machado can swing the bat and teams need firepower on offense, putting the Orioles in a good position to shop around for what players they want. "You just try to put it aside and just try to go out there and try to represent the organization as best as I can". Not to mention that if the Crew made it to World Series this year with him, he would be absolutely essential to beating whatever American League team makes it because it's an entirely different story over there with it being the home of the best three teams in baseball as a whole right now. Machado is in the final year of his contract and has put up some gaudy numbers thus far (.313 average, .383 OBP, 21 home runs, 60 RBI).

The Yankees have a loaded farm system and plenty of young talent at the major league level, meaning they could make an offer at least equal to what the reported front-runners - Milwaukee Brewers and Los Angeles Dodgers - could offer Baltimore.

A trade before the All-Star Game could leave the Orioles without an All-Star Game representative in a year the event is just down the road in Washington. Machado is a player who is skilled enough for other teams to jump at the offer, however not good enough for team morale or on the field to make the Orioles a better team.

"I've had to deal with it all year". It's been truly an incredible journey here that I've had, with everyone in here. The fans kind I guess appreciated the way I've been playing and I appreciate everything they've done. They'll always have anything. So it's unclear how interested they even are in a move of that magnitude, let alone whether Baltimore would be willing to send its franchise player and one of the best all-around players in baseball to NY. We're just very excited. He encouraged them to "keep rooting for us, keep rooting for me, keep their heads up high".

Manager Buck Showalter said he's handled it well everywhere he's had to, but "of course, it's real easy to handle stuff like that when you're as talented as he is". I'm sure there's probably going to be quite a few teams that they're going to want to ask questions about. Either way, you're just adding for a different objective and subtracting for a different goal. I think there's a great opportunity here, in a lot of ways. "But we know what a false deadline the end of this month is".

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