Sprint follows AT&T, Verizon unlimited strategy by raising prices

Angelo Anderson
July 13, 2018

Sprint now offers one plan called Unlimited Freedom, but starting Friday, July 13, it's being laid to rest in favor of Unlimited Basic and Unlimited Plus. Then it's adding a new crappy plan underneath to make you think the more expensive option is worth it. Tack on a free Hulu account on the Limited Commercials tier and that's a basic plan. Families can also mix and match Sprint's two unlimited options - a change for the carrier.

Sprint's new "Unlimited Plus" plan costs $70 per month for one line of service or $180 for four lines of service, though customers can get a $20 per month discount on each line of service if they bring their own phone or buy one outright. You can add a second line for $40 and third, fourth and fifth lines for $20 each. Besides unlimited talk, text and data, Unlimited Basic bundles in the Hulu streaming service and lets you use 5GB of LTE data when you're roaming in Canada and Mexico.

Sprint's new "Unlimited Basic" plan costs $60 per month for one line of service or $140 for four lines of service, though it streams video at 480p resolution and only includes 500 MB of personal hotspot service.

If you want an experience similar to the old Unlimited Freedom plan, you're going to have to shell out some more money. The over 55 plan has fewer features but costs only $50 for one line and $70 for two lines. This plan also includes subscriptions to Hulu and TIDAL at no additional cost. In Mexico and Canada, enjoy unlimited talk and text and 5GB of 4G LTE data.

The two new plans Sprint will offer have been dubbed "Unlimited Plus" and "Unlimited Basic". Under this promotional pricing, Unlimited Plus costs $50 a month for a single line, with a second line available for another $30, and lines three through five costing $10 each. At that price, you're obviously better off choosing Unlimited Plus if you need a bunch of unlimited lines and you already own the phones.

For both plans, Sprint is doing something nice: it's raising its limit on unlimited data (it pains me to write that) from 23GB per month to 50GB per month, which is the same limit as T-Mobile. However, with the Unlimited Freedom plan making way for Unlimited Basic and Plus, that offer ends today (July 12).

The plan starts at $60 per month for the first line. Verizon introduced the same flexibility recently when it reshuffled its unlimited offerings.

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Sprint is hardly the first carrier to divvy up its unlimited plans into multiple tiers.

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