Supreme Court slams govt for ‘lethargy’ in protecting Taj Mahal

Lester Mason
July 13, 2018

The Uttar Pradesh government was severely criticized for its lack of planning to protect and preserve the Taj Mahal. Either demolish the Taj Mahal or restore it.

Another news outlet reported them as saying: "You can shut down the Taj".

They added that the Uttar Pradesh government is not at all concerned, as no action plan of vision document has been presented so far.

Indian judges have threatened to shut the Taj Mahal amid accusations that the authorities have neglected the 17th-century monument. The Taj "is more attractive than the Eiffel Tower" and could have solved the country's foreign exchange problem, the judges noted. Noting that ASI had failed to protect Taj Mahal, the SC had earlier raised questions whether ASI could be relieved of the task to manage the affairs of the monument. At every place (in foreign cities), you have towers to have a bird's eye view of the city. Justice Deepak Gupta and MB Lokur iterated that the government has not taken any helpful steps despite a parliamentary support committee report in the loop.

The government has closed many factories near the Taj Mahal area in the city of Agra, and the palace has been treated with packs that absorbs dirt many times over the past in a bid to save its legendary white surface. The bench asked the Centre to furnish details of what has been done and what is required to protect the monument. "Do you realise the loss cost to the country due to your apathy?"

The bench was also informed that soon, online booking system would start at Taj Mahal where the tourist would be able to book high-end tickets.

The government attorney told the court that experts were assessing air pollution levels in and around the mausoleum and will give their report within four months. It also said a special committee had been set up to find the source of pollution in and around the Taj, which would suggest measures to prevent it.

The court also questioned the chairman of the Taj Trapezium Zone (TTZ) - the 10,400 square kilometre region around the Taj Mahal - about why the court's ban on the expansion of industrial units in that area was contravened.

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