Thai Soccer Team: What Happens Now That They've Been Rescued From Cave?

Lester Mason
July 13, 2018

The news comes a day after Pure Flix CEO and managing partner Michael Scott announced that his studio was working on a dramatic adaptation of the events surrounding the trapped Thai soccer team and their 25-year-old coach.

"When you see Australians who are modest turn up in these most hard situations around the world and they just do what they believe is the right thing", he said.

On July 2, nine days after the boys and their coach were last seen, British divers Rick Stanton and John Volanthen pushed deep into the cave to an elevated mound of rock, about 400 metres away from a spot cavers had nicknamed "Pattaya Beach" after a well-known Thai resort.

"This is completely uncharted, unprecedented territory".

Thirteen foreign divers and five Thai navy SEALs guided the players and their coach out of the complex.

Mr Stanton admitted that made the task more hard. Officials initially anxious they could remain trapped for months.

The boys had earlier received an invitation to come watch the World Cup final in Russian Federation, but doctors said they could not go as they were still confined to their hospital beds.

Moreover, Thailand Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-Cha confirmed the boys were given the drug "to make them not excited, not stressed", according to the Daily Mail.

Of course, Hollywood is already 10 steps ahead of us.

"So, there was relief, tempered with uncertainty".

Returning with Mr Stanton were Chris Jewell, Mike Clayton, Gary Mitchell, Connor Roe, Jim Warny and Josh Bratchley.

Mr Jewell said: "The diving conditions were extremely challenging, there was poor visibility and responsibility for another human being's life".

"It was a successful outcome and we played a part in an worldwide effort".

"If you didn't use the water pump in that location, you could only come out with an oxygen tank", ex-SEAL Com Chaiyananta said.

"The Thai authorities took a lot of steps to divert rivers on the mountain top which we believe bought us a lot of time to get this outcome", he said.

A team from Space Exploration Technologies Corp (SpaceX), an aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company owned by Elon Musk, meets the Thai Seals team on Wednesday to train them on the mini-submarine.

"Some had their eyes open, but they were just relaxing I suppose", Schnauer said.

"We were able to do the job we were asked to do", said the diver, who like most of the divers assiduously avoided the media during the operation in a mission defined by steely resolve.

Duangduen Sittiwongsa, a classmate of 16-year-old Pheeraphat "Night" Sompiengjai, whose birthday fell on the same day the team entered the cave, said they would give him cake when he came back to school.

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