Towers toppled at historic Cape Canaveral Launch Complex 17

Mindy Sparks
July 13, 2018

Just after sunrise Thursday, the massive towers at Launch Complex 17 came tumbling down, marking the end of an era for at least a small part of United States spaceflight history.

The two towers, the station's most conspicuous landmarks, were visible from a nearby beach and watched for more than half a century during missile tests and launches that sent spacecraft to the moon and to Mars.

A simultaneous detonation brought down some structures at launch complex 17, a few miles away from Port Canaveral. It toppled over shortly after 7 a.m.

A launch pad that dates back to the early days of the space program was demolished. According to Florida Today, the demolition project had a price tag of $2 million.

The towers' demolition came almost seven years after the last launch at the site - when Delta II sent a pair of gravity mapping probes to the moon for NASA in September, 2011.

The towers were in service for 60 years. The demolition will make way for Moon Express, a private company that will launch missions to the moon on a regular basis.

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