Trump meets Theresa May, promptly says Boris Johnson would be ‘great PM’

Lloyd Doyle
July 13, 2018

US President Donald Trump blasted British Prime Minister Theresa May, said her recently resigned foreign minister would make a great replacement and criticized the mayor of London as being "bad on terror", in comments published as he made his first trip to the UK Thursday.

"She should negotiate the best way she knows how".

"I think he has done a bad job on crime, if you look, all of the terrible things going on there, with all of the crime that is being brought in".

Mrs May will host Mr Trump and his wife Melania at a lavish dinner at Blenheim Palace this evening.

Mr Trump and his wife Melania arrived at Stansted airport, where he was met by the UK's global trade secretary Liam Fox.

The Government has published its long-awaited Brexit White Paper, which prompted two explosive Cabinet resignations earlier this week.

But it would keep European Union rules on goods to protect complex manufacturing supply chains, using technology to levy its own duties on UK-bound products from outside the bloc, while diverging on services.

The plan has enraged so-called "Brexiteers", who have looked to a possible U.S. -U.K. trade deal as one of the biggest boons that would result from leaving the 27-member bloc. Seeking a free trade area for goods and a common rule book shows the prime minister has put pragmatism before politics and should be applauded.

But Trump threw cold water on that prospect in his Sun interview, saying: "If they do a deal like [May's plan], we would be dealing with the European Union instead of dealing with the United Kingdom, so it will probably kill the deal".

In an interview with Britain's Sun newspaper published late on Thursday, Trump said May's plans for a business-friendly Brexit would leave it too close to the European Union to allow a new trans-Atlantic trade deal to be struck. "That is exactly what we will do".

"She didn't agree, she didn't listen to me", he told The Sun.

Without the backing of her own ranks and with a working majority of just 13, the prime minister will need to rely on opposition parties, Politico reported.

Trump also had harsh words for current London Mayor Sadiq Khan, a fervent critic of the president, saying Khan "has done a awful job" running Europe's third-largest city. "If you look, she probably went the opposite way".

The biggest protests are set for Friday, when demonstrators plan to march through central London and float a huge balloon depicting Mr Trump as a baby in diapers over the Houses of Parliament.

Trump's interview easily could overshadow the government's attempt to lay out plans for what it calls a "principled and pragmatic" Brexit.

During his news conference on Thursday, the USA president also appeared to refer to Ireland as part of the United Kingdom. Such an approach would avoid disruption to automakers and other manufacturers that source parts from multiple countries.

Crucially, in a move that could anger Brexiteers, if there is a dispute over the interpretation of EU rules that Britain has agreed to adhere to, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) could have the final say.

But services including financial services such as accounting and insurance account for three-quarters of the British economy.

The plan also seeks to keep Britain in major EU agencies, including the European Aviation Safety Agency, the European Medicines Agency and the police agency Europol.

Other elements likely to anger Brexit-backers are Britain's willingness to pay the European Union for access to certain agencies and the suggestion some European Union citizens could continue to work in Britain visa-free.

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