HTC reveals more on its blockchain phone

Doris Richards
July 14, 2018

When asked about global availability, Chen said, "I want to say it will be available definitely everywhere outside of China".

HTC shows off the Exodus phone's schematics.

While HTC revealed its plans to release the Exodus smartphone - a blockchain-focused device, CryptoKitties mobile debut will be on a mass-market device instead. The development process responsible for "the chief officer of decentralization" Phil Chen, who is known for his participation in the development of a virtual reality helmet HTC Vive.

Bitmark has also partnered with HTC for the phone, but it is unknown what the collaboration will bring. But some experts do argue that if the market for blockchain phone does exit then HTC can succeed in cashing on first mover advantage through Exodus.

It is also known that HTC is partnering together with CryptoKitties, now the second most popular dApp game (second to Etheremon). It appears that HTC is looking to make all its devices blockchain-friendly, not just the Exodus.

Last week, the company revealed that sales in June have dropped by 68 percent, while their latest product U12 Plus has received mainly negative reviews.

HTC's upcoming smartphone built around blockchain technology is set to launch in Q3 2018.

It is possible that, in time, other HTC markets will be eligible to use the CryptoKitties mobile app, but as for right now, it's going to be restricted within the walls of the United States. When The Verge mentioned the price of Finney, the world's first blockchain-powered phone created by Sirin Labs, which is US$1,000, Chen replied that the HTC model would have a "comparable" price tag.

The Exodus' main feature is the built-in cryptocurrency wallet, which is expected to ease the process of exchanging digital assets and coins by removing the need for excessive apps and tools power the sending and receiving of crypto funds. As per previous reports, the Exodus was touted as the "world's first major blockchain phone". HTC claims that each phone serves as its own blockchain node, part of the network that helps secure blockchain systems.

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