McGregor to be gifted £50000 sculpture of himself for his 30th

Annette Crawford
July 14, 2018

Lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is back in training and already listed few opponents he would like to lock horns with if Conor Mcgregor or Georges St-Pierre falls out. Whatever's going to happen to him in July, we'll figure that out.

Khabib stated he doesn't believe Ferguson, who's recovering from surgery to fix a torn LCL, will be healthy enough by the time fall hits, however, should Ferguson be at 100% once the fall comes, Nurmagomedov will be more than happy to defend the title against anybody the UFC ask him to. So Khabib thinks if it's not with Irishman or GSP, then it could be the victor of an intriguing fight between Dustin Poirier vs. Eddie Alvarez that is happening at UFC on FOX 30.

Nurmagomedov did address potentially fighting Tony Ferguson, who is fresh off surgery to fix a torn LCL, as he stated that he would be happy to defend his belt against whoever the UFC wants him to.

Aspencrow - also known as Edgar Askelovic - said: "It is an honour that Conor has accepted this as a gift from me". "He just had surgery". I know he wants to.

White doubled down on his declaration that Nurmagomedov vs McGregor isn't being discussed during the UFC 226 post-fight press conference. If he's ready, let's go.

What made Askelovic decide he wanted to do this project on McGregor? "Khabib vs. Conor, country vs. country, fans vs. fans". "You can see him as a prisoner, or a god, or just as a person."OK, well, it did not occur to me to see him as a god until you said that, but fine, I guess that's not too weird."I like Conor McGregor. If he wants to lose and make money, he has to say yes and sign this contract and come back because people forget about when he fought last time".

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