Florida man was plotting to ‘burn’ Jewish neighbors

Lester Mason
July 15, 2018

Miami Beach police say they arrested a 72-year-old man who threatened to burn down his condominium building because he was angry at his Jewish neighbors.

Walter Edward Stolper, 72, was charged with first-degree attempted arson and attempted murder after he dumped several gasoline-filled containers down a trash chute in his apartment building, Miami Beach police announced Friday.

Stolper allegedly had two additional gasoline containers in his possession.

"A comment that he made to me, it actually bothered me", Diaz said.

Officers came to the condo Thursday afternoon when they received reports that Stolper threatened to burn the building down. Detectives believe the disgruntled tenant wanted to carry out the potentially deadly act because of an upcoming eviction and his anger toward his Jewish neighbors.

Another resident of the condo told police that Stolper told him he was going to pour gasoline down the drain line of the building, ignite it and then padlock the building's fire hoses to prevent firefighters from extinguishing the flames.

The police searched a storage room that Stolper rented and also found potassium nitrate and sulfur powder, which can be used to make explosive devices, according to the police report. Investigators said they found eight more plastic containers filled with gas in a garbage chute dumpster.

"He said he didn't like Jews".

Stolper could have caused an explosion at the building, which has about 400 units, "within minutes", said Officer Ernesto Rodriguez, a spokesman for the Police Department.

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