Missing woman found alive after car plunges off California's Big Sur

Lester Mason
July 15, 2018

The Monterey County Sheriff's Office spent Thursday and Friday scouring Highway 1 for Hernandez's white 2011 Jeep Patriot, which was ultimately found on a beach near Nacimiento Fergusson Road.

Hernandez, traveling from OR, had been reported missing on July 6 when she did not show up at a family member's home in California.

"Angela was found about 200 feet down a cliff". The woman survived by drinking her wrecked car's radiator water until she was discovered by hikers. "She's a fighter and she fought this long and she will continue to". Hernandez left Portland to travel to her sister's home in Southern California. It would have taken her about six hours to get from Half Moon Bay to Lancaster, according to authorities. She had told relatives in a text message that she was getting exhausted and chose to stop in Half Moon Bay. On the morning of July 6 she texted her sister saying she was hitting the road before she suddenly went off the grid. A signal from her cell phone had last been detected last Saturday, but disappeared shortly thereafter. Per SFGate, Angela Hernandez was found Friday by beachgoers south of Big Sur.

Sheriffs said she had told her sister she would stay overnight in a vehicle park before continuing her journey the next morning, but they had not heard from her after 6 July. Angela is an active social media user and since then, she has not been active.

'In her accident, she has lost everything.

"This is very traumatic and will be a slow recovery process". But it wasn't until the night of July 14 that hikers spotted her vehicle at the foot of a cliff and reported it to a campground host that a rescue team located Hernandez-at the bottom of a 200-foot drop-still conscious and able to walk.

'Thank you all for everything. for her rescue and for bringing her up the cliff.

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