Girl killed after surviving alleged drunk driving crash in Detroit

Lester Mason
July 16, 2018

Police say the child was seeking help for her father who was involved in an alleged drunk driving crash in the area, when she attempted to cross the freeway and was hit by an oncoming driver.

A 7-year-old was killed early Sunday after she was struck by a auto while attempting to text 911 for help for her father.

That adult, the 7-year old's father who made a decision to get into his auto around 3:30 Sunday morning and drive drunk on the highway.

Shortly after the text, police received a 911 call from a woman saying she believed she may have hit an animal or person while driving.

Police say a 7-year-old girl was riding in a auto with her father, who was drunk at the time, when he hit an abandoned vehicle and drove off the roadway.

The victim's mother told WXYZ she was devastated over her daughter's death.

Police were able to immediately respond, according to a tweet.

The girl's body was located 50 to 150 feet away from her father's auto.

Burts said that seven-year-old was a rising third-grader and described her as a "blessing" to everyone who's ever met her.

A short time later, state police said troopers learned that Romulus police officers were investigating a crash on eastbound I-94 near Merriman involving a suspected drunken driver. Romulus Police also began receiving text messages from a 7 year old female that she needed help. Police said she was killed instantly.

The girl's father was allegedly driving drunk when he crashed the vehicle they were in.

"You have a dad that now lost his daughter because of drinking and driving, a mom that lost her daughter, a poor lady that was driving down I-94 that will have to live with the fact that she struck a child for the rest of her life", Shaw said.

"It's a void that will never be filled, never be filled", Sandria Burts said in an interview with the station.

The girl's father is now behind bars, facing charges of drunken driving and possibly further charges. Police tried to find the girl, whom they later discovered was the suspected drunken driver's daughter, but cell phone tracking technology is not precise and it took some time to locate her, Shaw said. "She was 7 years old - she would give you the shirt off her back".

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