Nathan Fillion stars in a almost flawless Uncharted fan film

Angelo Anderson
July 16, 2018

An nearly 15 minute long Uncharted fan film starring Fillion as Nathan Drake has been uploaded to YouTube.

When the Naughty Dog video game dropped back in 2007, the physical similarities between Fillion and Drake were pretty apparent.

Nathan Fillion has starred in Castle, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other iconic TV shows. Its opening sequence sees Drake tied down, beaten up, and interrogated over stolen treasure-and cracking wise through the punches.

It's this part, where Fillion whispers breathlessly about "a whole stack of letters from Ferdinand Magellan to [Afonso de] Albuquerque", that perhaps feels the most like Uncharted-where we get wide-eyed, nerd-giddy delivery about history-changing treasures, instead of Indiana Jones' museum-focused grit.

Another series-authentic trait: the 15-minute runtime is mostly composed of conversations and sarcastic one-liners, not fisticuffs or gunplay.

This film has zero involvement from Sony or Naughty Dog - who are now preparing their own prequel film, starring Tom Holland and directed by Stranger Things' Shawn Levy - but it does manage to surpass a lot of video game adaptations in that it is actually super enjoyable.

Fillion was equally as happy, explaining that a proper Uncharted film was something he had wanted to see - regardless of his own involvement for a "long time".

Fillion was thankful of Ungar for letting him scratch this itch, and also gave a shout out to Naughty Dog for creating the archetype.

Director Allan Ungar and actor Fillion worked together to make the above, 14 minute fan film. "You know who you are", he continued.

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