North Korea to grant special amnesty in August. Why?

Lester Mason
July 16, 2018

Separately, North Korean officials did not show up at planned talks with the USA on Thursday to discuss repatriating the remains of American soldiers killed during the 1950-53 Korean War.

The U.S. and North Korea are technically still in a state of war since the conflict ended in an armistice and not a formal peace treaty.

He said that the discussions were "productive and cooperative and resulted in firm commitments" from North Korean officials on the return of the remains.

South Korea's Yonhap news agency, however, noted that other media reports had said the two sides might consider timing the return to occur on July 27, the 65th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice Agreement, as part of efforts to curb criticism about insufficient progress in the wake of their June 12 summit.

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the North Koreans called around midday to say the meeting would be delayed until July 15.

DPRK is the acronym for North Korea's official name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The report claimed the site matches a covert nuclear facility monitored by US intelligence for years.

Looking back on the coverage of his summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, President Trump started a four-part tweetstorm, decrying he is in a non-win situation. The North Korean foreign ministry described the talks as "cancerous" and accused Pompeo of using a "gangster-like" approach while negotiating terms to denuclearise.

According to a copy of the report seen by The Washington Post, U.S. officials calculated that even if the tankers carried only one-third of their full load, North Korea would have already exceeded the annual quota of 500,000 barrels allowed under United Nations sanctions.

The actual state of North Korea's production of enriched uranium has not been ascertained, except for a lone previously acknowledged facility at Yongbyon in the nation's northwestern region.

In his note, Kim offered no reassurances that he is committed to relinquishing his country's nuclear weapons or ballistic missile arsenal, referring more generally to "the faithful implementation of the joint statement" agreed to in Singapore.

But Pentagon officials cautioned it is unclear just how much North Korea is preparing to hand over.

That was the day Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived for two days of meetings with top North Korean officials, which ended on a sour note after Pyongyang blasted the USA side over a "unilateral and gangster-like demand for denuclearization".

In addition to the announcement on joint searches, the USA and North Korea are working to transfer the remains of what could be 200 American service members in the 14 to 21 days "subject to change without notification", a United States official told CNN.

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