Uber rolls out new features to improve the pickup process

Doris Richards
July 16, 2018

Now, you can send your driver a direct message or provide a quick update via one of several pre-written messages that can be sent with a single tap.

Uber makes it easy for your driver to get close to your location, but there are times when that last few hundred feet can be a major hassle ...

The ride-sharing service has just launched Uber Beacon, which is a device that goes on a driver's windshield and uses colour-pairing technology to help drivers and riders quickly connect at night, particularly at crowded venues.

'With Spotlight, you can light up your phone with a special color specific to your driver.

Uber is becoming an increasingly useful and ubiquitous application for users worldwide, and the firm is now working on making it easier to link drivers and riders. When you enter a message, your driver sees it on the map.

Uber is also adding guaranteed pick ups. If your driver is using a beacon, that'll be used instead of the Spotlight feature. This works just as it sounds; users will be able to pre-schedule a ride ahead of time and Uber promises users that it'll arrive on-time, otherwise they'll get their money back via the way of Uber credit. In these instances, Uber's on-time guarantee comes in handy.

The new feature should give riders greater peace of mind if they're trying to catach an early flight or make an important meeting, Uber said.

The new features are available immediately to users of its mobile apps. You can download Uber from the App Store for free. You can give details of what you're wearing or where you're located. Rider messages are then read aloud to the driver while they are en route, to ensure they can stay focused on the road.

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