Apple puts a new emoji face on its executive team

Doris Richards
July 17, 2018

Apple is celebrating World Emoji Day by announcing that over 70 new emoji are coming to iOS. The annual event was created by Emojipedia founder Jeremy Burge in 2004 and the date was chosen, somewhat circularly, because July 17 happened to be the date Apple chose to display on its calendar emoji.

Apple said it would also release emojis for a cold face and a face with three hearts. These include the peacock, kangaroo, parrot, and even lobster.

Last year the new set of emoji was added with iOS 11.1 in October, while the year before that new emoji didn't arrive until iOS 10.2 in December.

Plus, new smiley faces, gender-neutral characters and more clothing options will be available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac later this year. For example, you'll find a Nazar amulet, for warding off the evil eye. Of course, each platform will have its own specific designs and interpretations. Instead of unicorns or robots, Apple's new Memoji are meant to look like you.

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