Demi Moore rips into ex-husband Bruce Willis in hilarious speech

Angelo Anderson
July 17, 2018

Demi, who was first married to Freddy Moore, then later Ashton Kutcher wasn't harsh throughout the whole roast though and conceded some of the best times of her life were with Bruce before adding he was "easily one of my top three husbands". After our divorce he said that he considered the end of our marriage his biggest failure. I think it's because some jealousy started to creep in.

"If you wanted to be humiliated, clearly we both know you could've just released another singing album", said actor Kevin Pollak, who was in "Hostage" with Willis.

"Bruce Willis is dead to me", tweeted one broken-hearted fan. It is also time to listen to Bruce Willis, for he has finally put paid to the argument. Yes, I know - he starred in the film, and all of its sequels (all of which are bad except Die Hard With a Vengeance), so I suppose he has some insider perspective. "I played a former model, which I was, and he played an a-hole, which he is..." He reportedly fumbled with most of his prepared material, he drew boos from the crowd when he brought up his friend, North Korea leader Kim Jong Un. Well, now it looks like you'll have to say that to Bruce Willis' face after the star confirmed that, in his opinion, it is not a Christmas movie.

Well, despite what Willis said the movie's screenwriter Steven Souza seems to reckon it is. But are they getting back together?

"Die Hard is not a Christmas movie!" he declared of the 1988 classic, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Following the event, Willis teased that he "thought I dislocated my jaw because I was laughing so hard".

From roast master Joseph Gordon-Levitt's hosting duties to a surprise appearance by Willis' ex-wife, Demi Moore, it sounds like Comedy Central may have another successful roast on its hands.

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