Showtime hits back at Sarah Palin's 'misinformation' of Sacha Baron Cohen tactics

Angelo Anderson
July 17, 2018

The network says in a statement Monday that Baron Cohen "did not present himself as a disabled veteran" or wear any military apparel when he met with Sen.

In the first episode of Who is America?, Baron Cohen was seen quizzing Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders under the guise of "citizen journalist" Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr.

Following Palin's claims that Baron Cohen "duped" her into an interview for Who Is America? by passing himself off as an American veteran with disabilities, "fake wheelchair and all", Showtime has released a statement calling out the "widespread misinformation" about the show. Palin's claims that Baron Cohen had posed as a veteran led to many of her supporters, including fellow Who Is America? victim Joe Walsh, participating in a #BoycottShowtime campaign on Twitter.

A spokesperson for Showtime, the U.S. channel that airs the programme, said there had been "widespread misinformation" about Baron Cohen's character Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr PhD, a parody of an online conspiracy theorist, who interviewed Bernie Sander's in the show's first episode.

In the same Facebook post, Palin told Baron Cohen to "go ahead - air the footage".

Palin, the former vice presidential nominee and ex-Alaska governor who did not appear in the first episode, slammed the comedian's "evil, exploitive, sick 'humor'".

"Mock politicians and innocent public personalities all you want, if that lets you sleep at night, but HOW DARE YOU mock those who have fought and served our country", she said.

Showtime's statement comes as Cohen himself got played today by conservative street artist Sabo, who took over a billboard and a bus stop sign near CBS Studios in Los Angeles.

Two weeks ago Sacha Baron Cohen cryptically tweeted that was working on a new project that would possibly involve Donald Trump and Cohen's usual parody antics. Another shows him trying to convince Bernie Sanders of a nonsensical plan to make everyone the 1%. "I am just telling you what I encountered - it was much of the same she experienced".

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