Google Assistant gets more helpful

Doris Richards
July 18, 2018

You'll eventually see an overview of your notes and to-do lists (whether or not they're from Google apps), a discovery section for new activities, music suggestions and even your parking spot.

Google Assistant, the app that answers questions and helps you get things done, has been enhanced with an eye toward automatically putting your daily tasks front and center on your phone.

The new feature, accessible through the new icon in the top right corner of Assistant, also integrates with third-party apps like Spotify, to present a range of different actions you can take.

That will open a new window, where they can start scrolling through their personalized 'visual snapshot'.

'You can get notifications for upcoming bills, packages, even an alert that your flight has been delayed-your Google Assistant will keep track so you don't have to, ' Binay added.

Predictive cards previously used in Google Now have just this week been moved to Google Assistant in Android.

The feature will expand over time, Google said.

On Tuesday, Google announced a new feature for the Google Assistant app called visual snapshot, which "provides curated, helpful information based on the time of day, location, and your recent interactions with the Assistant, and will be available on Android and iOS devices in all languages supported by the Google Assistant". On an iOS device, the updates will display when you open the Google Assistant app. All Android users capable of using Google Now, that is to say.

Amazon Echo relies on Microsoft's Bing search engine and Wikipedia, while Google Home uses the company's own Google Search.

That little icon in Google Assistant may not look like much, but it heralds a return to form for Google.

You can turn off the microphone temporarily, too.

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