Mobile extends its barely-useable free roaming data to more countries

Doris Richards
July 18, 2018

T-Mobile hasn't listed the new additions yet, but they'll be on the Simple Global site when the change goes into effect on July 22nd. The feature, which is available to everyone on T-Mobile's One plan and some customers on older plans, includes 2G-speed data in 210 countries for no extra cost. Data and text is included at 2G speeds while calls are now $0.25 a minute. There are, however, some caveats. That means as much 2G data as you can use (not much) and free SMS. While T-Mobile may not be capping how much data you can use while roaming overseas, you do get limited by speed throttling. Enough to pull down your email and such, but certainly not for streaming music or anything more data intensive. Now, Tmo has expanded free roaming to even more countries, and there's a cheaper option if you want LTE data while traveling the world. The pass costs $5 per day (per line), and gets the user up to 512MB of LTE-speed data.

T-Mobile is calling it the global data pass, and it will cost just $5. I did inquire how much itd be to add high-speed data overseas and T-Mobile was asking for too much - $20 for 1GB that expired in one week. T-Mobile says it will permit a maximum of two passes being purchased every 24 hours. The $5 per day pass also gets users unlimited calls, which is a nice touch.

Global data is seldom cheap when you're roaming, and even if it is there are usually some compromises to be made, such as in speed.

On August 1, the new $5/day worldwide data passes will be available to improve your global experience.

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