No Man's Sky multiplayer mode spied in Next gameplay trailer

Doris Richards
July 18, 2018

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According to No Man's Sky creator Sean Murray, the team made a decision to call this update Next because "it's an important next step on a longer journey for us and the community". I wouldn't say No Man's Sky was an ugly game at launch, but it looked nothing like the E3 2015 trailer shown off by Sony.

When it comes to bases, your options have expanded. It arrives on July 24.

The biggest inclusion is from an actual multiplayer component that will see friends team up and explore the galaxy together. It sounds like you'll be able to team up with friends or strangers, and can help or hinder other players.

Fight as a pirate or a wingman in space battles with friends.

Race exocraft across weird alien terrains, creating race tracks and trails to share online. The update also adds the ability to explore the game's many worlds in third-person, adding a greater incentive to customise your player character. Along with that, you can now fully play the game in first or third-person modes regardless of whether you're on foot or in the air.

Planetary rings and improved space visuals make space more handsome than ever.

Improved terrain generation, ground textures, water, and clouds. Additionally, there's "also significantly more detail added to ships, NPCs and buildings".

Bases can now be built anywhere on any planet. What you can craft has also increased in complexity and the size limits have been reduced.

NEXT brings with it NMS' long-requested multiplayer support, unlimited base building and, as you can see above, improved graphics.

The developer explains curious adventurers can now assemble and upgrade fleets of frigates, which can be commanded from the bridge of their freighter. You do this all from a freighter, which effectively functions as a capital ship.

Invite your friends aboard and take on challenging multiplayer missions from the Galactic Commission Station on your bridge.

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