Facebook Protected Hateful, Far-Right Pages Despite Rule Violations

Angelo Anderson
July 19, 2018

In it, Dispatches sends a member of its team undercover to work as a moderator at one of Facebook's contractors, CPL. A page under "shielded review" means a page can't be taken down even after it has made 5 or more content violations, as determined by the 3rd-party moderator. "But I just don't agree that that is the experience that most people want and that's not the experience we're trying to deliver".

The undercover investigation found that while nudity is nearly always removed, violent videos involving assaults on children, racially charged hate speech and images of self-harm by children all remained on Facebook after being reported by users and reviewed by moderators.

"We remove content from Facebook no matter who posts it, when it breaks our standards", Allan said.

The company said it was investing in artificial intelligence and hiring up to 20,000 people by the end of 2018 to identify and remove harmful content. At its high point, Britain First's now-banned page boasted around two million likes, and was, according to anti-fascist organization Hope Not Hate, the "second most liked Facebook page in the politics and society category in the United Kingdom - after the royal family".

The documentary also claims that Facebook's most popular pages can not be deleted by an ordinary content moderator. He also claimed that Facebook had taken down the video of the young child being beaten, but Channel 4's reporter noted that it "is still on Facebook right now". People are debating very sensitive issues on Facebook, including issues like immigration.

The documentary also showcases that the Facebook has made a decision to ignore under-age accounts. And that political debate can be entirely legitimate.

In a statement released ahead of the programme's broadcast, Lord Allan said: "It's clear that some of what is shown in the programme does not reflect Facebook's policies or values, and falls short of the high standards we expect".

"We have to have an admission that the person is underage", they said, according to the Sun.

Speaking to the US Senate earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg told senators that "we don't allow people under the age of 13 to use Facebook", but did not disclose the fact that Facebook trains its moderators to not act on visual evidence to the contrary.

McNamee is also among the founders of Center For Humane Technology - an alliance between Silicon Valley veterans that also includes a former Facebook operations manager, and the creator of Facebook's "Like" button, all looking to challenge some practices of Big Tech. We take these mistakes in some of our training processes and enforcement incredibly seriously and are grateful to the journalists who brought them to our attention.

"Moderators are told they can only take action to close down the account of a child who clearly looks 10-years-old if the child actually admits in posts they are under-aged", The Telegraph reported, citing the documentary. "We are providing additional training and are working to understand exactly what happened so we can rectify it".

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