Netflix's now measures upload speed and latency

Doris Richards
July 19, 2018

For those who aren't happy with the accuracy of the app, the Netflix app relays information taken directly from Netflix's servers., a speed test service operated by Netflix, is now adding the ability to measure connection latency and upload speeds to take on the popular operated by Ookla.

The upload speed measure is pretty straightforward, but the latency data is a lot more interesting.

Two years ago, Netflix launched - a free, fast, and simple way for people to check the speeds they're getting from their internet service provider. This makes a great alternative to Ooklas Speed test app considering there absolutely no ads here. will measure latency on both loaded and unloaded connections. If you're the only user on the network, then the time between your gaming action (like moving a mouse or clicking it) and the response from the gaming server will approximately match the unloaded latency measurement.

Netflix says has performed more than 500 million speed tests between the site and its iOS and Android apps and that its usage has doubled over the past 7 months. The app will measure latency on both an unloaded basis (no other traffic on a user's network) and a loaded basis (data heavy apps are being employed on the network). Ideally, values of the two - loaded latency and unloaded latency - should be close to each other to avoid delay in network connection. My suggestion would be to pick a service and stick to it, as often the results are relevant by comparing over time.

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