Xaviant pulls The Culling 2 from stores, makes original free-to-play

Doris Richards
July 19, 2018

This much was revealed by Xaviant Games' Director of Operations, Josh Van Veld, with the studio head explaining in the video-recorded message below that in an effort to win back fans, the studio would now pivot its efforts on reviving the first game as a free-to-play title after expunging The Culling 2 from marketplaces.

Xaviant launched "The Culling" in early access in March 2016. "We weren't happy with our relationship with the community, we weren't happy with how you felt about the game, we weren't happy with the game ourselves, but we didn't see a path forward". A cursory glance at critic circles and you'll find a plethora of complaints about the game: Jim Sterling of The Jimquisition called the game a "desperate attempt to ape PUBG" and Steven Petite of IGN said, "The Culling 2 is nothing more than a weak imitation of PUBG and H1Z1". "So we turned it off and we moved on to something else, and that was a mistake". Now, it seems as if the video game developer is prepared to ameliorate the situation as best as it can by following through with the decidedly tough task of completely pulling the battle royale sequel from the store shelves of Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Van Veld also apologized for how the team handled The Culling.

Xaviant is now in the process of contacting Valve, Sony and Microsoft in efforts to remove The Culling 2 from their digital storefronts and is making sure those who bought the game receive refunds.

"That means all the perks are coming back, all the airdrops are coming back, combat goes back to its day one form".

This day-one build will be coming to Xaviant's test servers this week, which will allow PC players to download The Culling in its day-one state, free of charge. All the air drops are coming back. "Literally every aspect of the gameplay will be what you remember", Van Veld said.

"And, so, we took a game that you guys loved and we changed it out from under you, and I want to apologize for that", he said. "It's been hard for us to accept that that's something that we need to put the work into to get to you, but we've decided it's time". "We hope that these first couple of steps are going to be clearly the right move".

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