Funko lands another huge partner and will produce ‘Fortnite’ toys and collectibles

Doris Richards
July 20, 2018

Epic Games' title has become a cultural phenomenon.

The number-crunchers over at SuperData are reporting that the global craze that is Epic Games' Fortnite has absolutely raked in the gold with its in-game purchases, with estimates popping the $1 billion dollar mark.

If you are trying to log into Fortnite right now you may struggle, as Epic Games takes the servers offline to perform maintenance. Players connect to the matchmaking service, and the service then assigns the player to the appropriate node in their region, which then automatically selects one of its free servers for the player of that region.

At that time, we knew that there were errors with the matchmaking system the game uses.

These factors, accompanied by the "amount of dense building that occurred late in the matches" really affected the server performance to the point that players could not move properly. That, by extension, meant that each node now had to manage a server list that was 15 times longer than it normally would be, increasing compute times dramatically. As the news release puts it, this ultimately led to the CPU holding "a backlog of pending requests resulting in a feedback loop" which meant Epic Games had no choice but to close the Playground for repairs. The good news is that the work Epic had to do to bring Playground mode back online will continue to benefit the game as it grows further, and the hope is that we won't see another failure like this again. From there, Epic says that "the solution was to give the cluster the ability to bulk rebalance sessions from other nodes to ensure repeated lookups were not necessary".

We can definitely speculate on what will be released, however.

Nah, that's bollocks, we stayed inside playing video games.

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