Mobile beefs up its unlimited data plans with 70 more countries covered

Doris Richards
July 20, 2018

On top of that, without a special plan or pass, AT&T and Verizon will charge you nearly $2/minute for global calls, but on T-Mobile ONE, you get unlimited data and texting in 210+ countries and destinations and just $.25/minute flat-rate calling! The worldwide pass covers the countries that are included in the Simple Global list, which T-Mobile is bumping up to over 200 locations beginning July 22. So, virtually everywhere you can travel, you get unlimited data, text and low rate calling - included in T-Mobile ONE. Although some free data is certainly better than no free data, "2G speeds" are so slow that the majority of applications may simply not work, and you'll struggle to send and receive picture messages, make VOIP phone calls, or send emails.

And while T-Mobile's speed scores were much higher on Samsung's Galaxy S9, Verizon's score was slightly higher on the iPhone X. This is likely because the S9 uses newer networking technology that T-Mobile got an early start in supporting.

T-Mobile also says that global calling is just $0.25 per minute, which is actually a price hike.

T-Mobile is the last of the so-called Big Four carriers in the United States to introduce a high-speed data pass for global roaming and it comes with somewhat of a bang. Unfortunately that's not unlimited: instead, the data pass is capped at 512 MB per day.

Verizon, for example, routinely comes up as the fastest network in road-tests of the four carriers, so it prefers to look at that data and emphasize its coverage, rather than average speed. Still, if you're making a shorter trip, don't have an unlocked phone, or just can't deal with the potential language hassle of buying a SIM, T-Mobile Simple Global certainly covers more than AT&T or Verizon's worldwide data passes, and its high-speed add-on is half the price, too. Thanks to T-Mobile's "Un-carrier" plan, they've been changing industry standards for the ... The One plan already provided subscribers with unlimited data and texting in more than 140 countries.

For more on global options with T-Mobile ONE, visit "Meanwhile we see even more powerful networks incubating in major USA cities, LTE reach continuing to expand and the reinvigoration of the country's smallest national operator Sprint". Int'l Data Pass: Service (including 512MB of data) available for 24 hours from pass activation.

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