Jeanine Pirro to Whoopi Goldberg: Let's agree to disagree

Angelo Anderson
July 22, 2018

But who said what, to whom, and when remains a matter of dispute. While Pirro and co-host Meghan McCain were discussing Trump's popularity among Republicans, Goldberg said she had a question.

"Page Six" reports "the tension began when Pirro arrived at the show to learn that anti-Trump CNN contributor Ana Navarro was there to fill in for Joy Behar and felt that 'the segment was being hijacked.' Pirro was promoting her book 'Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy, ' which has hit No. 1 on Amazon". Whoopi was not having it.

"I can tell you what went on". Listen, I don't have Trump derangement. Let me tell you what I have. Pirro tried to come back with a claim that Trump was standing up for Americans by keeping criminals out. "Say goodbye! I'm done". "The View" went to commercial break and returned sans Pirro.

"I've known Whoopi Goldberg for years and our relationship, until this week, has always been friendly", Pirro said on her show.

Pirro later went on Fox & Friends to give her side of the story. She says that as she was backstage, she found her way blocked by Whoopi. "And after the segment - which ended when it was supposed to, she then called everybody at the table a name I can not repeat on TV and said it in front of the audience".

"Thinking you're right and not allowing debate is fascism", Pirro said, adding that while she was clear in her objections to former President Barack Obama's policies, she never rooted for the country to fail. "Get the [f***] out of this building'".

By cutting short the discussion, Goldberg missed out on getting more quotes from Pirro.

But sources add that in front of the audience, Pirro "ripped off her microphone and threw it at one of the guys on the crew and said, 'Those c-ksuckers!'" about the panel. And while Goldberg admits to using "choice words" during the confrontation, she denied spitting on Pirro.

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