Capcom Drops Mega Man 11 Screenshots and Torch Man Boss Fight

Angelo Anderson
July 23, 2018

EW is live from Comic-Con 2018! Instead of all those stories warning about the dangers of human-robot interactions, Mega Man is all about uniting the two.

Cartoon Network is going mega! Not that it looks like he'll need it, as the new trailer for Fully Charged shows that this version of Mega Man still has the ability to absorb and use the weapons and abilities of the robots he defeats.

When Sgt. Night and his evil team of robot masters show up in the futuristic Silicon City, it's up to Mega Man to protect the city's citizens with his mega buster arm cannon and also by absorbing powers from his opponents.

"What makes a hero?"

The Mega Man X Legacy Collection soundtracks are already hitting Japanese shelves, and based on a bit of info from the pack-in booklet it could be hinting at something greater than a pair of compliations. Mega Man's friends from the games, like Rush the dog, pop up in the show too, and new allies like Mega Mini will also offer Aki support.

All 10 episodes of Mega Man: Fully Charged will drop on the official Cartoon Network app (currently one of the most popular content platforms for kids in the U.S.) and various VOD and on-demand streaming platforms on Friday, Aug. 3.

Meanwhile, Capcom is planning for the release of Mega Man 11 on October 2.

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